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i108.1 is launching a Limited Marketing Solution with an incredibly Special Limited Offer this Holiday Season! It’s the i108.1 15-Second Promo Package for ONLY $19.99 You’ll record your own 15-Second Promo for your business with your phone, tablet or computer with our Open Mic Voice Pro software. Your 15-Second Promo should/can include.

  • Your Business Name
  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Information (i.e. Business Website, Phone Number or Social Media Link)
  • A Call to Action (i.e. Special Offer, Discount or Promotion)

Your 15-Second Promo will run on ALL or whichever of our Music Stream that you choose at the time of purchase for the next 12-Months! You can record a NEW 15-Second Promo each month for the entire 12-Months. Without paying another single penny! Now how cool is that?

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Getting Started is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Purchase your i108.1 15-Second Promo Package
  2. Write & Record your i108.1 15-Second Promo on the i1081.com website with your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Computer with our Open Mic Voice Pro software. Examples on the page.
  3. Submit your Recording & YOUR DONE!

PLUS you can improve your results by scheduling a 15 to 30 Minute NON-Sales Consultation with an i108.1 Marketing Team Member

So get started TODAY with the i108.1 15-Second Promo Package for ONLY $19.99 (a One-Time Purchase) with NO Upsells or Gimmicks or B.S.

3-Minute Step-by-Step Video Included Inside!


One (1) WINNER: i108.1 Platinum Streaming Package (2 Months) $698 Value

One (1) Runner-Up WINNER: i108.1 Silver Streaming Package (1 Month) $249 Value
One (1) 3rd Place WINNER: i108.1 Gold Streaming Package (1 Month) $199 Value
One (1) 4th Place WINNER: i108.1 Bronze Streaming Package (1 Month) $99 Value

Your 15-Second Promo Package will run on One (1) or more of Music Streaming Channels for One (1) Calendar Year. We currently have Five (5) Music Streaming Channels that include;

i108.1 Reaches All Demographics 18-65 Years of Age Around The World

Each of the i108.1 Music Streams has a targeted audience and reach a different demographic with some overlapping demographics. To see the demographic and current station listener counts click on the Music Stream Logo and view the channels details.

The i108.1 15-Second Promo Package is perfect for;

    • Business Owners
    • Entrepreneurs & Micropreneurs
    • Home Based Businesses
    • Sales Professionals
    • Artists, Bands or Music Groups
    • …Or Anyone Wanting To Promote Something

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That’s Like Less Than $0.0399 (or less) per commercial

*i108.1 reserves the right to refuse any 15-Second Promo. You MUST purchase ONLY One (1) 15-Second Promo Package for One (1) Business Promo-2-Win Contest Entry for Contest Eligibility. Winners will be randomly selected on FACEBOOK LIVE on December 21, 2020 at 12 Noon EST. Winners MUST use their prizes during the months of January and/or February 2021.

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